Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!

What different was the last year from the year before and how can I make this year better than the one that had just bid adieu to some worries and stocked a few more memories.  This year brings some more hopes, some new plans, some more cheer, some more chill actually a lot more chill and some more resolutions. Talking about the resolution, I think about the one I took last year. I am one of those kinds who make sure to have a resolution every year, practice it enthusiastically for a month and gradually forget it. Today I don’t even remember the one I made last year let alone the execution.

I believe one shouldn’t make a very resolute resolution as the firmness makes the implementation all the way more difficult. If we notice we will find umpteen options around us that one can to do something new every day then why stick to one? Let there be some flexibility to make the amendments easier as per the swinging circumstances.

To me a new year marks the beginning of a new phase of life. It is much more than the grand celebration, warm greetings, a new calendar and a pleasant holiday. It presents a reason to find what was missed last year, to learn and henceforth improve the mistakes to have a fruitful year ahead. I don’t know what this year has in store for me and I am not curious too. The question is how I make use of these 365 days to make myself a better person.

A Grand, Improved and Happy New Year to all..


samitmehra said...

Glad to see Nishtha, that new year means more to you than 02 Champagne glasses.

Yes, I agree one should make resolutions, even if they are not kept for long, but it atleast shows that one knows what he wants to achieve or wants to quit.

I hope that U have a great 2010 and that all desires come true and only good wishes n vibes come close to you.

Nishtha said...

Thx Sam :)