Friday, July 2, 2010

Let the music play!!

Last week being a musicilicious one gave way to this post trailed by a few awry thoughts.  It was music day on 22 June which was unknown to me until this year. It was great to know that the significance of music is acknowledged and that an entire day is dedicated to it. What came next was the death anniversary of Michael Jackson better known as “King of Pop” who conquered hearts with his impeccable moonwalk and heart-thumping music. It feels like yesterday when he was all set for his musical concert to make a comeback. Alas! He never came back but he will always remain an icon in the world of music and dance. His songs still hit the top charts and there are millions of imitators of his pelvic dance moves and toe stand.

On 27 June, we celebrated the birthday of legendry music composer RD Burman who revolutionized music and gave it a new meaning. His melodious and soulful tracks make me lose my mind and drown me in the profound harmonious sea. His contribution to the cabaret music took the form to an entirely different level and the peppy numbers composed by him are still being remixed. Unfortunately they all fail to give a competition to the original. Bollywood is certainly missing some marvelous music.

Hey! Did you ever realize how depressing and futile life would have been without music. No instruments, no notes, no melodies, no songs, no singers and no composers. I can’t imagine a life without it and I feel crippled when I forget to carry my ear plugs. For me music is a passion, a respite from the worldly absurdity, a breather when I am suffocated, a hiatus from monotonous schedule, a connector when I am at loss of words, a reason to groove and a companion when I am alone. No matter what mood I am in or what season it is, there is always a song to play.

It’s phenomenal how music connects with memories of the past, the way it conveys a message without a word, the way it triggers emotions silently, the way it unites two souls and the way it suffices in itself.


Himanshu Tandon said...

Interesting read.

samitmehra said...

Hey Nish,

Reading ur posts after a long time. Yeah I know U love music...especially in the metro..

Ur right in every way about the music getting one nostalgic and romantic and peppy n mushy.....

Music can lift the mood or lower the spirits....

Lovely post