Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Doesn't a festival bring another reason to smile, a reason to exchange warm wishes and gifts and a reason to feel and make someone feel special. Those small little surprises add a rosy hue to the otherwise bland and monotonous routine. Markets are swamped with people and shops are festooned with tinkling souvenirs. The whole feel of festivity is so amazing that one tends to overlook all his worries no matter how worse the circumstances are. A mere wish brings a dilated smile to the face. You may not connect with your friends and family the entire year but occasions certainly lends an opportunity to acknowledge their presence and thank them for being a part of your life.

I never celebrated Christmas the way I celebrate Diwali and Holi. The things I related to Christmas were Jingle Bell song, a nice holiday and a paunchy Santa that I only heard in stories and saw on television. As a kid I remember how I used to think that as soon as the clock strikes twelve, my Santa would appear out of the blue to hide the present I have been waiting for. It never happened and that time, I thought I knew the reason. As per the story, Santa is supposed to hide the gift beneath the tree and the only reason I never got a gift is simply because I did not have a Christmas tree :(

But this Christmas is different as I got the privilege of having a ‘Secret Santa’ who initially made me wait but later pampered me with cute gifts. The whole day I kept receiving something or the other that not just kept my belief in Santa alive but also made my Christmas the most special ever. The soft and cuddly teddy bear I got was worth the wait.

Be a Secret Santa for your loved ones and make their Christmas a memorable one.

Merry Christmas to all.


samitmehra said...

Hey Nish,

A very thoughtful post. Yes, we connect to so many friends and relatives when a festival arrives and tell them that they matter to us even though we may not have the oppurtunity to call them everyday.

Well, this secret Santa thing sounds nice. I hope there is a secret Santa who keeps U smiling all ur life too....

And yes I agree, we should all make an effort to be a Santa for people around us. Not for materiel gifts, but just to do small things which make them smile.

ritesh said...

Its awesome to know that you are not only celebrating festivals but also sharing your happiness with others and making others feel jovial as well. You are giving a thought to world around you,toiling to be an knowledge manager and emerging as great writer. Your every blog is improved version of previous ones. Use of appropriate words to express feelings, to portray the scene itself says there is perfect adhesion of your cognizance with creativity. Over the period of time you have emerged as a strong player than before. I wish you all the very best of luck for every next blog, every next move you make to share your smile with others. Looking at your blogs, I can bet that I am going to buy a book or novel written by you and read it.

Shine Kapoor said...

I have always been celebrating Xmas with my siblings. Made sure that we get the rum cake, chocolates and stuff to gorge at midnight..

This time it was special as my secret santa kept delighting me everyday for three days with gifts...

Thank you my secret Santa :)

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!!

the angle 360 degree said...

"Santa is supposed to hide the gift beneath the tree and the only reason I never got a gift is simply because I did not have a Christmas tree :("
this is really cute... haha

the post nice :)

and ur office's secret santa funda is just so cool... i am gonna apply it somewhere ;)

@shine di.. yeah the rum cake was awesome that day.. and the chocolates too.. yummmmiiiieeee :)