Saturday, November 14, 2009

How about being a child again?

Isn’t there a hidden artist in all of us? Remember how we used to make smileys on the back of our notebooks, how zigzag lines ended up making a dragon, how we made Sharukh look weird by putting a bindi and Aishwarya funny with a moustache?? Oh yes I did it all when I was a kid and it was fun too. I miss the days when my only concern was to collect shreds to stitch a nice dress for my Barbie, to check if my kitchen set lacks an important utensil, if I had planned enough for the evening outdoor games and how holding my head while pretending a stomach ache can mess up the whole plan.

I remember how we never caught fever despite playing day and night in the spine-chilling cold, how those small wounds healed in just 2 minutes, how a glass of milk and two rolls kept us vigorous the entire day and the way we always managed to find our friends without the cell phones. Wasn’t everything so uncomplicated and manageable? Those were the days when getting up early did not seem an effort, when the selection of the boss wholly depended on the palm and the dorsum, when goof ups were intentionally done and didn’t cause any trouble and when parents never demurred on having a boy friend.

Who would not want to relive those unforgettable moments which are now buried somewhere in our memories or are captured in a nicely festooned photo album. Being a child certainly is the best time of life when you have got nothing to worry about. It is the time when fairy tale sounds so real and convincing and no one can narrate it like a grandmother does. How easy it was to shed a small tear and get all your wishes fulfilled. A small cry was enough to stir the whole house and be the centre of attraction the next moment. Wish I had a few more of those frivolous years because I just did not realize how much will this time be missed.

Here’s wishing all a Happy Children’s Day as each one of you must have been a child once. Why don’t we try doing something nasty today and let the little kid in us take the lead..