Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wish...

Today I wish I were a poet to have been able to write a beautiful verse sitting in the loggia holding my coffee mug. I wish I could admire the grandeur of nature and articulate how splendid that ephemeral splash of rain was. I wish I could reach out to those thousand parched souls who have been frantically waiting for a respite just like me.

It was yet another day when I had to pretentiously work to justify my salary. I wonder why I came today in the first place when I could have enjoyed the weather at leisure. I could have listened and crooned some nice romantic songs exhausting the high calorie plate of pakoras. Sigh! Just the thought makes me drool.

I forced myself to come to office only to realize there’s no work (I wasn’t in a working mood too) and fortunately no Boss. Didn’t feel like reading the newspapers as I knew they would be inundated with the escalating gold prices, stock market jargon and the appalling Bhopal gas tragedy verdict. Logged on to my account but watching the names in my friends list moving up and down from available to busy to idle was no fun. Searched for an e-book but couldn’t find it. Damn! Nothing is available for free. So I sipped the tasteless coffee and heard some Bryan Adams stuff.

All thanks to the climate that I survived a bugging day like this. It was one of those days when I deliberately wanted to sit down and have a wasted unfruitful time. I did exactly what I wanted just that it could have been far better if I were liberal and not stuck here…