Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Radio can be so much fun at times. Thanks to Delhi Metro that I get to plug-in my ear phones. While switching the channels in search of a peppy number, I chanced upon an amusing ongoing contest. It’s an initiative by where a caller wins exciting goody-bags. All that the callers have to tell is an absurd question they were asked during the pre-marital meeting.

I stayed on for a while hoping to hear some exciting stuff. A girl called to tell her listeners how pissed she got when the guy she expected to marry asked ‘If his mother asks, would she wear a saree??’

What? Is this for real? I am certain he asks his mom before peeing too :)

The next caller was a guy who endured the excruciating session with his prospective mother-in-law. According to him everything she asked was absurd but he just barfed when she popped the question ‘Is your maid a male or a female?’

Aunty, don’t you think it’s not the right time to joke? Well ideally she should have first asked him, if they HAVE a maid or not but isn’t it equally outrageous. And btw whose intention was she doubting, the guy’s or her daughter’s??

This wasn’t over yet as another girl caller shared her intolerable experience and how embarrassed her mother felt when the guy questioned ‘If the girl is actually Mr. K’s daughter because her looks don’t resemble a tad with her father’

Just FO dude. You don’t deserve to get married at all. With this kind of observation, there is huge possibility of him disowning his wife in case she gets a zit on her face.

It seemed unbelievable to know these questions even hold any relevance for marriage. Either they are dumb-asses or I am not too qualified in this domain. Aren’t marriages made in heaven? Never knew finding your soul-mate can be this insane.

Anyway, the above-mentioned victims are all happily married now, to someone else obviously.

What’s your story??


Shine Kapoor said...

Yeah right WTF.. How insane is that.. I wonder if that man was in his right senses.

I am sure people have a lot more weird interactions shared with a prospect...

Himanshu Tandon said...

Now this one is actually true and I was asked this question by a girl when we were formally asked to have a word with each other....(the arranged marriage routine you know)

I still don't know what she meant when she popped the famous "Are you a virgin?" question.

I asked her if it bothered her? (you never give direct answers to such questions anyways) and she was suddenly stern "I can't marry someone who is not"

I really hope she found her 'virgin'.

And then there was this girl who asked me "Aapki jeb mein kitne paise aate hain?"

I replied "Depend karta hai maine kaun si pant pehni hai aur uski pockets kitni badi hain aur tum us mein note daalti ho yaa sikke".

Well the girl did not see the funny side to this and I had my great escape here as well. :)

Nishtha said...

@Shine: I am sure. Had I stayed a lil longer, could hav added a lot more.

@HT: Hey had ya bin the caller, they would have given ya all the goody-bags after listening to this. The world is full of jerks I tell ya :)

Manna said...

hope they lived happily ever after... (though virtual).... nice one nish... love you! Keep up the good work!!!

Love always - Manna

richa said...

hey nishtha i know i visited ur blog after a long long tym n m soo sorry 4 cumin to wat u wrote. Nish watever u write is alwayzzz true n appears cumin direct 4m heart which is appreciable. One thg more ur writing is always gr8 fun to read out.....soooo keep it up..god bless u

Nishtha said...

Thanks for visiting Richa and thanks for the comment too :) :)

samitmehra said...

Hmm I guess U can now put up your own set of questions on the blog na ha ha...
U have had first hand experience now :)